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Want to wear time in your hand

Want to wear time in your hand

It is a saying that “Time flies” and it never stopped for anyone, so you should wear it in your hand to go with it. It is obvious you cannot wear time but you can select a superb piece of the watch to wear in your hand and can go well with the time. There are various trendy watches accessible and if you want one of that for you then there are endless varieties to choose from. If you are looking for unusual watches and want to select from them then you can do that also but need to lend to the right place. If you would prefer to buy one directly from a watch store and like better to get after trying one then you can visit a store as well. When you have numerous alternatives then you have an identical number of choices to choose from.

How to get the best one for you?

You perhaps prefer to buy anything after giving it an endeavor and that’s why you think that it is better to visit a watch shop. But you must have gone through a phrase that says now or never. If you have seen a watch online and just fall in love with the same and decide to go and get it from a shop. The time you take in getting ready, took out you car and cross the traffic to reach the shop and finally look for a parking place and parked your vehicle and went inside the store. You find that the piece you have liked so much is not available and someone else bought that. You just regret your decision and think that you will go back and order the same via online. Can you guess what will happen there? You have gone back and open your system and find that it was the last piece and it is sold out. In a split second, you lost what you wanted to own.

Learning from the incident

You cannot kill your time by going here and there if something is on hand and is accessible with ease then you should grab it instantly without wasting any time. Time is utmost important in anybody’s life and if you don’t respect it then no one can do anything for you. Therefore, there is a necessity to get a thing on time. It is just a simple case and there can be many similar ones and it is required to doing things on time if you don’t want to repeat this occurrence.

Bring to a close

To go with time and act accordingly, it is essential to wear one in your hand. There are plenty of choices obtainable and you can decide from anyone from them to get for you. There are a few sites that make it possible to get the watches of enormous brands on fifty percent discount. For it, you need to lend at the correct place and find the optimal one for your wrist.

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How to Select the Right Watch for Yourself?

Finding yourself in a store full of watches can be daunting. As there are numerous brands, styles and technologies, it can be confusing to select a watch. The following tips can help you select the right watch for yourself.

Digital or Analog: Analog watches usually feature minute and hour hands with Roman numbers or markers to show the time. However, digital watches have an LED display where the time is shown numerically. Analog watches are worn for formal wear and digital watches are more sporty and casual. Thus, based on your preference, you can choose an analog or digital watch. However, analog watches are preferred as they come in several styles and are more elegant and formal.

Body and Case size: Your body size can help you choose the most appropriate watch for you. If you’re on the bigger side, then standard size watches might not suit you. Thus, bigger watches would be more appropriate for you. However, if you’re an average or smaller built person, standard size watches will work for you. The most common case sizes for men are between 40-44mm and 36mm or smaller for women. However, it totally depends on your personal preference too. However, one must avoid using watches that are wider than the wrist. 

Material of Band and Case: Some common case and band materials are ceramic, plated base metal and stainless steel. However, steel and ceramic are more durable. A lot of people go for gold filled watches as well. One can even choose solid gold or silver, however, such watches are expensive and recommended to be worn on special occasions. Leather bands are a classy option too, and replacing them won’t be expensive as well. Apart from this even PVC bands are available. The choice of case and band is again a personal preference and also depends on the amount you are willing to spend. Depending on how often you would be wearing the watch, you can make a choice.

Shape: Classic watches for men are round, rectangular or square. The most common among them is round. Women’s watches also come in these shapes. However, nowadays fashion watches are available in almost any shape. The classic round, square and rectangle can be worn with anything and you won’t go wrong. While you can buy watches based on your outfit, going classic allows you to use them with a lot of outfits. Whether you’re planning to buy classic or  unusual watches uk, you can find almost any style that you can imagine.

Brand: While some people can afford almost any watch, some have a limited budget. A majority of people have the budget constraint while purchasing a watch. Fortunately, a number of popular brands, including high end brands and luxury brands have watches that cater the needs of different budgets. Thus, you can purchase cool watches, irrespective of what your budget is. However, as a good watch is considered as a good investment, you must be open to spend a little more.

These are some basic criteria that you must consider when buying a watch.

Where should you buy them? Irrespective of whether you’re looking for a Slow jo watch, Cronometrics watch, Void watch, Bulbul watch or any other brand watch in UK, you can find a wide range of options online. Buying online also gives you the opportunity to compare prices of a specific watch in different online stores. For example, if you’re looking for void v03d watch, just type this in an online search engine and you can get the price of this watch in different stores and buy it from a store that is selling it at a low price.  Purchasing online also gives you the opportunity to compare various styles at your convenience and buying a watch that suits your style and budget.

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Minimal Watches - The New Dimension of Modern Watches

Minimal watches have created a strong buzz among the watch and fashion lovers. They exhibit the real meaning of minimalism which is becoming a significant trend today. Every individual want things to be simple and easy to understand/use. The primary purpose of the watch is to show time and feel light on the wrist. Watches based on minimal design show time, feel light on the wrist, and are equally stylish as compared to other watches. However, the best part is that they are affordable and budget friendly.

Now, considered as one of the top choices among white collar corporate employees, Minimalistic Watches are ultra coming-of-the-age watches. Many brands like VOID are constantly researching and launching new watches every month.

Void v03d watch

V03D is a leather strap based analogue watch available for both men and women. The watch is a perfect example of balancing form and functionality. It has a white central dial and is installed in a robust and solid stainless steel case. The upper ring construction ensures the brushed copper metal ring is minimal and elegant. This also ensures the watch is light weighted and stylish to suit on everyone wrist.

Equipped with quality material like premium blue genuine leather for the straps, this watch is equipped with second hand also to give it a professional touch. It comes with 2 years guarantee.

The analogue display with Japan Quartz Miyota Movement adds feather to the cap for this watch.

Unusual watches in UK

There is a lot of demand for creative and exclusive watches which are unusual and strike a chord between the person who is wearing it and other people. You will find watches with one hand, rotating discs, mystery dials, binary LED and many creative watches under this category. These watches are creative in design yet light weighted and robust. They are equipped with high quality rubber strap and stainless steel case.

You can pick one which suit your personality or type of usage.

For example- Sport Lovers can choose a rugged design with more focus on showing time to complete a run.

For example- Mystery watches do not have any numbers and are equipped with mostly 2 dots to signify time.

So, these modern watches are the future for fashion and professionalism. Make a statement today and buy these cool watches exclusive from an online store selling only watches. This will ensure you get a perfectly stocked product and get the exact product as promised in the picture. Few sites provide worldwide shipping and accept all major payment methods. They also provide 30 days return policy in case you are not satisfied.

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The Branded Watch Store provides the Latest, Trendy Watches for Men and Women

The Branded Watch Store provides the Latest, Trendy Watches for Men and Women

In the era of fashion, the branded watches  are the craze in the people of every age group, the youngsters are attracted towards the unique and exclusive designs. Now watches are not a device to see the time, but a fashion trend which gives the excellent look on the wrist of men and women. In early days people looked for watches which were long lasting, they wore one watch for many years and if the watch was in good condition then they gifted it to their next generation. But now a day’s watches are the fashion accessories both for men and women, they love wearing trendy watches that gave a rich look to their personality. They don’t only have watches which they wear for many years, but have a collection of branded watches to wear on dresses like casual, formal and party wear. In early days fashion was only for women, but nowadays men and women are giving competition to each other in the realm of fashion.

A number of watch stores  provide  the latest watches which are in demand, people love wearing watches and if it is branded,  then it becomes the status symbol for a specific person. That’s why the store of watches is always filled with the beautiful and fashionable watches. There are various online watch stores with the fabulous collection of branded and stylish watches. The online stores are providing offers, discounts, and great sale during off-season, the customers efficiently take the advantage of these offers by purchasing the branded watches at discounted price. People love to shop for items in which they are getting great discounts and offers.

People  like to purchase the watch to gift their relatives, friends and loving one. The watch can be sold at bulk in the specific days like father’s day, mother’s day, friendships day, Christmas and also it’s a great present to give in marriages. With the shortage of time instead of visiting several local showrooms to purchase the watches an individual prefers to visit the online watch shop to purchase the watches of their favorite brand. One more advantage of the online store is, from a single store we can look for all the branded watches whereas in offline,  we have to visit  different stores for different brands, there are a number of showrooms  for different brands.

How much popular are cronometric watches? Why do youngsters love to wear these watches? The cronometric watches are the latest brand in watches launched in December 2015. This watch is very exclusive and recently launched in the market with a new design, it is designed for the person who respects the time and utilizes it by performing outstandingly. These watches are in great demand, but are available at very few online stores and local store.

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Top 4 trendy watches to buy in 2016

Top 4 trendy watches to buy in 2016

Minimalistic watches portray simplicity in their design and focuses more on showing time clearly (which is the desired outcome to wear the watch). These watches are light weighted and preferred by many blue collar employees. People believe these watches make them look sleek and smart.

There are over 50 styles and varieties of watches available online. Some of the most popular ones include Bradley Voyager II, Ore watch, Engineer L21, Ronda Caliber, Void watches, MMT C31, MVMT, Braun Men’s Classic Analog, VARIO, and Rider GT&FQ M002. You must pay attention to value and quality of these watches before buying them.

They are also pocket and budget friendly. The best part is that these watches adhere to guidelines of Apple design to achieve minimalism. They are available mostly in Quartz mechanical movement based engine which makes them the apt choice to view accurate timings.

# 2 Eone Bradley watches

The Bradley watches are one of the most special types of watches because they make you feel time via touch instead of seeing it. These watches help you to feel, touch and know time in meetings, conferences, and dark cinema halls.

Inspired by their brand name Eone (which means creating watches for everyone), these watches are created with the collaboration of engineers and product designers to accommodate the needs for both normal and vision impaired people. Branded as one of the most innovative watches, it indicates time with 2 ball bearings (top indicates minutes while side indicates hours).

Some of the popular Bradley watches include the exclusive and most awaited Bradley Element (available on pre-order), Mesh Black, Mesh Silver, Classic, Voyager Cobalt, Compass Gold, and Canvas Mustard.

# 3 Slow Jo watch

The Slow Watches promotes time management and simplify the way you look and manage your time. It has a one hand dial and the dial is divided from a count of 1 to 24. Every count has 4 parts which further indicate 15 minutes time gap. So, if your watch shows 2 parts after 13, it indicates the time is 1.30 pm. Further, the brand logo appears behind the watch to avoid any distractions. These watches show you the entire day view and help you to manage your time and priorities.

Users can choose 20 types of distinct styles with 6 strap options available in metal, soft leather, nylon, metal mash, canvas and vintage leather.

# 4 Cronometric Watches

Our final watch in this countdown is famous for its elegant and timeless design, superior product quality, and pristine simplicity. These watches are sold under 2 sub brands- The Architect and The Engineer.

In a nutshell, a watch reflects the individual personality and above 4 watches covers all types of user persona. While buying online, you must ensure the online site provides 30 days money back guarantee and ship only original products. These sites must provide promotional offers and discounts to buy these cool watches on budget only.

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Let's Get Back into the Past of the Watches


The trendy watches make your trendy!

Yes, true! It is the watch that completes your accessorized persona. And, guys, it is the notable element!

Can anybody think about attaching the watch with the bracelet? A simple wristband with the round or any other shape dial that shows the time! How has it originated? How the people use the word "watch"?

Can you answer me even a single query? Thinking.... Yes? No? Don't know?

Oops!!! So perplexed!

Okay, sit and relax! Let's discuss the history of the watches.

Entering in the old age of the watches

  • Egyptians and Mesopotamians were accredited for the invention of this timepiece. Actually, they had taken the initiative with the sundials to detect the directions of the shadows via sunlight to know the time.
  • As we had shifted ahead in around 16th and 17th century, the springs were in use to make the portable clocks. These watches were defined as the "clock watches". They were the fusion of the wall clocks and the watches with only one hand of the "hour". Those cylindrical pieces were fabricated from the brass and were identical to the little drums. Further, in the 1600s, they were transformed into the "pocket watches" and were round in shape.
  • Later on, a "fusee" had come into existence. It embraced the barrel, conjoined with a conical pulley, plus a chain was employed to wrap the fusee completely. These weird watches were treated as the pocket watches and were in use till the nineteenth century.

The Watches Medieval Age

  • Then, finally in 1868, the first wristwatch was developed by Swiss watch manufacturer Patek Philippe for the woman, Countess Koscowicz of Hungary. Though it was the first wristwatch to be worn on the wrist, but it intended to be used as the decorative jewelry.
  • Further, in 1923, John Hardwood developed the wristwatches that could self-wind. They were the first "automatic wrist watches". With this discovery, the military got itself involved in the production of the watches and started working on the advanced technology of the watches.
  • Then, things had drastically changed when in 1956, the first battery-powered watch had come out for the sale. These were the minimal watches that were driven on the batteries. They were developed by the "Lips" and after a year, Hamilton came out with an electric watch.
  • And, with this, as the time has moved ahead, the watches and the watch shops go on escalating.


  • Foreseeing back on all the renowned innovators of the wristwatch, it makes you feel so privileged and pleased. Looking on your wrist and thinking that it is positively a miracle in this world. As per the latest watch trends, you can try cronometrics watches, fossil, tissot, Titan, swiss, rado, rolex, etc.

In the nutshell, you have discovered that the invention of the watches has been traveled through various phases to become the unparalleled and the fashionable accessory of today's youth.

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Grab the Iconic watches with unique features

Grab the Iconic watches with unique features

There are many brands worldwide that have been offering world class watches with different features. People love to buy expensive and stylishly looking watches that grab the attention and also carry amazing features. Among these, one featured watch is the Slow Mo which has made a big impact on the watch market. Established by Christopher Noerskau and Corvin Lask in 2013, the slow Mo watch comes with the simple but elegant design. It is the first of its kind watch that comes with 24 hr. dial.

Let us now check features of Slow Mo watches:

  • The Mo Case is 34mm and is handled by KI mineral glass to avoid scratch.
  • Comes with trendy Genuine Dark Brown Soft Italian Calf Leather and stainless steel strap
  • Swiss Made Ronda Caliber 505.24H GMT movement
  • Similar to Slow Jo Watch collection, these Mo watches are also lightweight approx. 65 grams
  • Has slow logo on the reverse side face of the watch

Similar to Mo Watch, the Jo watch collection measures 42.5mm x 38mm x 8.2mm and is quite smaller than normal watches. This allows the person to wear the watch comfortably on the wrist. The main concept behind the watch is to create the illusion that the time has slowed down. All the Mo and Jo Watches have Swiss made GMT quartz movement. This actually has 4 hands and date to be focused on.

Some of the features of these products are:

  • Small case series comes in 10 colour and band options
  • Case is made up of 316L stainless steel and 100 meters water resistant
  • 32mm wide, 38.5mm long and 8mm thin

Watch lovers can now buy different slow watch models from Gold Mesh to Silver Mesh and Vintage Brown Leather

Apart from Slow Watch brand, there is another brand that pulls attention of the watch lover. Eone Bradley is one such brand that is being designed for vision-impaired users. The brand is named after Bradley Snyder who himself has an eyesight problem. The watch collection has some amazing features like:

  • It comes with open dial along with sapphire crystal allowing the user to touch the indices
  • It has hour indicator which is a ball in groove cut of titanium case, helping visually impaired reach the timepiece.
  • Swiss Quartz movement having two small powerful magnets and two balls
  • This model of watch was built with a good cause in mind and is being used by many para-Olympic sportspeople.

Buying watch online:

With online watch store, the buyer can now buy watch at the most affordable rates. With a range of options available, buyers can select as per their style and liking. The best part of buying watch online is the buyer can order from the comfort of home and it will be delivered in the given time frame. Online buying allows the buyer to check specification and accordingly buy the product.

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